2744 x 46 meters runway –  restricted military area – ‚Fuersty‘
 We’re working out testing scenarios, tech equipment and vehicles for camera driving at the moment.

Fürstenfeldbruck Military Airfield 1960-2015

This picture has been taken by Captain Robert C. in 1947 in 4000′ height.

Fürstenfeldbruck has been controlled by the United States Air Force until 1960, it then moved over to German Luftwaffe and served as active military airport (code name ‚Fuersty‘).

In 1972 Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base was scene of the Munich Massacre. A total of 17 people died that day. The government of Bavaria is constructing a commemorative statue at Munich Olympiapark – to be opened in 2016.

The airfield has officially been closed December 2015 however the military is still active with a no-fly-zone.

Source: http://www.mil-airfields.de/de/fuerstenfeldbruck.htm

Fürstenfeldbruck Military Airfield Today

In July 2016 RR American Classics received official permission to use north runway as test track. In cooperation with German Luftwaffe an exception has been granted for limited drone-based fights on the no-fly-zone of the airport. Working with RaceLogic technology a setup has been established to test and track vehicle performance data.

Details and film footage will be available mid-summer 2016 for free online.

The north runway will be converted into a beltway starting by the end of 2017 – the main runway however will stay available for closed training and as test track.