Kübler Workwear

Our workwear is for doers! For those who do their job with a passion and who tirelessly pursue their goals.

For those who create, who repair and who simply give their all each and every day to make the world a little bit better.
Inspired by your job, we have created a workwear that will actually help you to do your job even better: KÜBLER ACTIVIQ. Designed to be versatile and fit excellently, guaranteeing you absolute flexibility when working.


As a manufacturer, we take it for granted that you must be supplied with products of the highest possible quality. However, the trick is not only to provide you with products but to offer you a strong and internationally marketed brand – in conjunction with comprehensive business ideas and all the backup necessary to promote the success
of your business. Systems and Service with “integrated” profit – this is what is at your disposal with LIQUI MOLY! Not just oils and additives but value creation and utilisation for your company.


WDW-Lift produces portable lifts for almost every location. We use WDW-Lift not just on the track to do a last-minute tire change but also for our ‚homemade‘ junkyard restorations. It’s the perfect combination and helps you do the job even better. Find out more in our videos it’s a powerful tool that help us very much.

Chrysler Deutschland

Die Marke Chrysler und ihre aktuellen Modelle werden in Deutschland seit dem 1. Juni 2011 nicht mehr durch die Fiat Group Automobiles Germany vertrieben.

RR American Classics hält Kontakt zur US Marke weiter aufrecht. Da Chrysler/Mopar einen Großteil unserer Flotte ausmacht übernehmen wir seither den Service für Chrysler Fahrzeuge selbst.

USAG Hohenfels

The German-American Volksfest in Hohenfels is a lovely place to meet Americans and explore a good time together. We’re present with our retro car fleet. Join us at USAG Hohenfels. We’re hosting also a VLOG special on YouTube about our trip. See you in Hohenfels.